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Hair Replacement

Our main services are helping you deal with hair replacement. From the very first personal interview, to the services we provide, you will receive first class attention, safety, privacy, and the highest of quality products. To make this follow up more complete, we are able to give your hair system the style you’d like to wear using the most exquisite coloring and cutting techniques.

We are able to end everyone’s hair loss situation with non-surgical hair replacement systems that are going to fool even high definition cameras. We can give you the most undetectable hair system not only in Los Angeles, but in the entire world. We achieve results that cannot be achieved with expensive and invasive hair transplant surgeries.

Your MBHR hair systems will be as breathable as your own growing hair whether you are working out in the gym or swimming in the ocean. Shower, shampoo, swim and relax in a hot tub without fear! Your new hair will look as good as real hair would even when it is damp or wet.

Just like a head of natural hair, your hair systems evolve as you work with us. We will take you through different style changes as we increase or lessen densities, change shapes of hairlines, add highlights, body waves, curls, or even gray as you age and many other things. The point is that just like a real head of growing hair changes through the years, so will your MBHR systems.